JCL Restorations is a full-service water and fire restoration company. We first began in the construction and remodeling business over 46 years ago as a family business in San Francisco. Over the years, we have been given the opportunity to restore many homes and businesses damaged by water and fire. We love the problem-solving and creative aspects of our work: identifying the most effective remediation plan, then designing and rebuilding a client’s home/business. We have made many lifelong friends while helping people in their time of need.

Professional and thorough remediation for water, mold, and fire damage is critical to the latter stages of restoration where we put a client’s home/business back together. Unfortunately, for many years the disaster restoration industry has been poorly regulated. We often run into construction projects plagued with problems due to shoddy or incomplete remediation work. In cases of water and mold mitigation, this is especially concerning to us since it has a significant impact on people's health. When water and mold persist in a home/business indefinitely, dangerous microorganisms can grow and be inhaled into the human body.

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Our Mission


To educate and support our clients in their time of need, empowering them to make well-informed decisions for their home/business. To lead the way in transforming businesses from profit-first enterprises to people-first endeavors.

Today, we are proud to offer a full line of restoration services for water, mold, and fire damage. We are IICRC certified for water and mold restoration and apply the latest industry standards to every restoration project. We use cutting-edge equipment and the best chemical products for every project. For mold and fire clean up, we also promote all-natural botanic based products as alternatives to synthetic chemicals.

In summary, we see the needs within this industry and within our community. We strive to meet those needs by adhering to the highest and latest industry standards, by providing care and support from beginning to end in the restoration process, and by running our business with integrity. Our vision: clean, safe homes and businesses for our community to live and work in.

We are JCL Restorations. You and your family are important to us.