Steps in the Fire Mitigation Process:

Fire and Smoke Cleanup

We inspect your home/business for soot and smoke damage, then thoroughly inspect the HVAC unit and ducts for damage and residual odor. We then remove and dispose of unsalvageable burned materials. Once the space is clear, we reduce harm caused by the fire by cleaning the air and smoke-damaged surfaces. We use a combination of cleaning agents, air cleaning machines and deodorizers to clean your home/business. See below for further cleaning information.

Air Scrubbing

With fire damage, there are two ways the air in your home could become contaminated:

  • ash particles in the air after a fire
  • toxins from incomplete combustion of materials such as plastic or paint

For your safety, we use professional air scrubbers to clean the air in your home/business. Our air scrubbers use HEPA filters that filter out particles 0.01 micron or larger in size. HEPA filters are highly effective, filtering out these contaminants with 99.97% effectiveness. Making the air in your home/business safe to breathe again is important to us!


  • Smoke can leave behind a horrible smell. We use ozone machines to deodorize your home/business. The property must be vacant for an extended time to allow the ozone to do its work.

Cleaning Surfaces

  • We use chemical sponges to remove soot from surfaces such as walls and ceilings, even lamp shades and paintings. Chemical sponges are natural rubber sponges that remove soot quickly and without smearing. For large surfaces (such as walls and ceilings) that need to be cleaned, they are first cleaned with a dry chemical sponge, then with a degreaser and deodorizing agent. This ensures that walls and ceilings are thoroughly cleaned, and that residual odor has been removed.

HVAC Cleaning

  • Before the HVAC unit can be safely reinstalled in your home/business, an HVAC specialist must thoroughly clean and sanitize it. They sanitize the coil and change out all pertinent filters. They also clean all ducts and vents extensively to ensure all soot and odors are gone.

Contents Cleaning & Restoration

  • When a fire damages your home/business, your personal belongings may also be affected. We offer off-site cleaning services for your personal items.
  • When deciding what personal belongings to restore, we work with you to do a cost-benefit analysis. If you feel that restoring an item is worth the restoration cost, we can do it for you.
  • First our team will conduct an inventory of your damaged items. Then we will pack out your belongings to a climate-controlled facility. We will make a cleaning plan, cleaning items in order of priority. We document everything we do, keeping track of items that have been cleaned and those that could not be salvaged. Once your belongings have been cleaned, restored, and deodorized to the fullest extent possible, our team will return all items to your home/business.
  • When required, we have access to advanced cleaning restoration methods, including specialized drying chambers, immersion and ultrasonic cleaning, as well as odor treatments.

Post-Fire Water Mitigation

Post-Fire Water Damage Restoration

Post-Disaster Reconstruction