A Step by Step Timeline for the Claim Process

Step 1

Call your Insurance

When a disaster strikes your home or business, PLEASE call your insurance company! It is critical that you act quickly. If you wait until the damage to your home/business worsens, your insurance company may be unwilling to fully cover the costs of restoring your property to its original condition. This is not an uncommon situation that we encounter. PLEASE open an insurance claim with your company ASAP.
Then let us deal directly with your insurance company for you!

Step 2

Work Authorization and Contract

• When you begin a restoration project with us, you sign a Mitigation & Pre-Flight Contract. This contract:
   1) authorizes us to begin working 
   2) authorizes us to work directly with your insurance company 
   3) covers the project with our business insurance 

Step 3

Damage Assessment and Documentation

• After our initial assessment of the damage to your property, we submit an Initial Report to your insurance company. It includes: A Moisture Map, written documentation of the damage, planned steps of remediation, and photographic evidence of the damage.

Step 4

Direct Insurance Billing

• When the restoration process is complete, we submit the Scope of Work to bill your insurance company. We receive payment directly from the insurance company. .

Step 5

Record Keeping

• Finally, you will receive an Insurance Loss Report from your insurance company. It summarizes the damage found and the costs of the restoration. It is for your own personal records. For help in understanding your Insurance Loss Report, check out: [link to ‘How to Interpret your Insurance Loss Report’].