During a water/fire/mold mitigation and restoration project, there will always be some unsalvageable building materials. Whether it is particle board disintegrated in water, charred wood, or mold-covered drywall, the removal of unsalvageable and unsafe materials is crucial to rebuilding your home/business. Your health and safety are of utmost importance to us!

Once your home/business has been properly dried and cleaned, the final step of restoration is to rebuild your home to its original condition. Depending on the scope of work, construction timelines vary by project.

If extensive water/fire/mold damage has required us to remove significant unsalvageable portions of your home/business, this can be an opportune time to remodel and update. With decades of family experience in remodeling homes, let us support you in this final stage of restoration!

Steps in the Reconstruction Process:

Controlled Demolition

  • During the water mitigation process, certain building materials are removed to obtain more precise moisture readings. For example, the bottom of a wall may be removed to measure moisture levels in the insulation and wood framing behind the wall. Once moisture readings have been taken, unsalvageable wet building materials are removed to prevent the further spreading of water and to access wet areas requiring drying. The structural drying process can then begin.
  • Learn more about what materials are salvageable [link to ‘Wet Materials: What is Salvageable?’ educational post]

Reconstruction Services

  • Once structural drying is complete, your home/business can be rebuilt to its original condition. Walls, flooring, ceilings, and other structures that were removed can now be reconstructed. When replacing damaged items, your insurance company will pay for items of comparable quality. We work hard negotiating with your insurance company to secure the best possible services for you. If you wish to upgrade certain items, you may need to pay the difference out of pocket.

Design and Remodeling Services

  • Before our construction team begins rebuilding your home/business, you may choose to remodel and upgrade your property. With decades of family experience in remodeling homes, let us walk with you through designing, remodeling, and rebuilding your home/business.