A Step by Step Walkthrough of the Restoration Process

Step 1

Loss Assessment

Give us a call!
• We will make an initial visit to your home/business 
• We will explain our prognosis and provide you with pertinent information regarding your options moving forward 

Step 2

Work Authorization and Contract

• You should contact your insurance company and file a claim with them 
• If you choose JCL Restorations, you will sign a Mitigation & Pre-Flight Contract. This contract: 
   1) authorizes us to begin working 
   2) authorizes us to work directly with your insurance company 
   3) covers the project with our business insurance 
Then the work of restoration can begin!

Step 3


• We will gather photographic documentation of the water/fire damage 
• We will remove any standing water
• We will draw an Architectural Plan of your home/business o For water and fire restorations, adding moisture readings to the Architectural Plan will make it a Moisture Map.

Step 4

Controlled Demolition

• Controlled Demolition will be done for disaster mitigation purposes 
• Our certified restoration technician will write an Initial Report of his findings. It summarizes the type of damage, the extent of damage, and what work will be done on your home/business. It will be sent to you and your insurance company. 
• Unsalvageable materials will be removed from your home/business and properly disposed of .

Step 5

Containment and Sanitization

• Containment barriers will be erected to isolate affected areas, protecting other areas of the home/business from potential mold or other pollutants/toxins (for example: sewage, smoke particles) 
• We will clean and sanitize the affected areas

Step 6

Structural Drying

• Structural drying may commence

Step 7


• Rebuilding/remodeling will commence once all structures are dry, clean, and safe. Depending on the home/business and the scope of the rebuild, timelines for reconstruction may vary. 
• Your home/business is now useable again!

Step 8

Billing and Insurance Claim Adjusting

• We will submit the final Scope of Work to your insurance company 
• You will receive an Insurance Loss Report from your insurance company. It summarizes the damage found and the costs of the restoration. It is for your own personal records.